Ringworm Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Ringworm?

Ringworm is a type of highly fungal skin infections that causes ring-like red rashes on the skin. There are many type of fungal and some can affect the nails, skin and hair. It can affect adults but Children are specially affected by ringworm. These rashes may appear anywhere on the body. Dogs, pets or cats may be a source of transmitting the disease in human body. The medical term of ringworm is tinea.

Causes: It is common it affect people of all ages, especially among children’s. It is caused by fungus not caused by a worm. Some of these fungus bacteria are useful while other can cause infection and spread easily from one person to another.

You can get ringworm by touching an infected cat or dog. Ringworm of the scalp can spread when children share hats, brushes or combs. It can spread by sharing towels, sport gear or clothing. The fungus bacteria can spread in warm, moist areas.

Sign and Symptoms:
·         Itchy red rashes on your skin
·         In most serious cases your skin may become blister and raised.
·         In scalp ringworm patchy hair losses, itchy scalp
·         Red patches around the outside with normal skin
·         Ringworm in nails become discolored thick, and even crumbles
·         Ringworm in hair has bald patches

·         Keep your skin dry and clean
·         Wash clothes, towels and bed linen frequently
·         Don't wear clothing that irritates the area
·         Not to touch or scratch the spot
·         Wash your hand immediately
·         Apply lotions or creams on affected area

Treatment: Doctor will recognize the rashes of ringworm and may prescribe anti-fungal medicine. Tell everything to doctor about the symptoms, excessive redness, swelling and fever. Your rashes may clear soon after you start treatment but according to doctor advice keep using the cream for long time. Doctor will prescribe you all medicine and creams according to your problem. So, if you see the rashes on your body and don’t improve in two week then see your doctor immediately.

Listeriosis Causes Symptoms and Treatments

What is Listeriosis?

Listeriosis is an illness that arises from serious infection usually caused by when a person eat contaminated food with bacterium listeria. Infection is uncommon but most frequently affect pregnant women, newborn, adult and old people whose immunity is weak. In pregnant women this infection causes miscarriage. It cause wide range of infection include pneumonia, osteomyelitis and meningitis.

Causes of Listeriosis: Listeria bacteria can be found in water, soil, plants, decaying vegetation and animal feces. Contamination can occur at any point in the distribution, farming and food distribution. Some factors are:

Raw vegetables that can contaminated from the soil or from manure used as fertilizer.
Raw milk product made from raw milk
Certain process food- hot dogs, deli meats, soft cheese that have contaminated
Most often this bacteria cause gastrointestinal illness, skin lesion and abscesses. In some causes you can develop inflammation or blood infection.
in early pregnancy infection may cause a miscarriage. Unborn baby may contract a listeria infection via the placenta.

Symptoms of listeriosis: Mostly symptoms develop from 3 to 7o days after infection. Some symptoms are;
·        Fever
·        Nausea
·        Diarrhea
·        Feeling sick
·        Chills
·        Confusion
·        Loss of balance

Symptoms of listeriosis in infants:
·        Irritation
·        Lack of interest in feeding
·        Difficulties in breathing or grunting
·        Rashes in Skin
Mostly Listeriosis harmful during pregnancy and new born baby has also birth and other complications.

Treatment: Pay attention of your sign and symptoms of illness because treatment is depending on symptoms and most serious infection can be treated with antibiotics. Doctor will prescribe you pain killer for your muscles pain and fever. During pregnancy antibiotic treatment may help for affecting baby. Contact your doctor and tell all history of your problem.

Tips of Reducing Dandruff

What are Dandruff?

Hair dandruff is a common long time problem but not a life threatening problem. More than 60% of people are facing this problem. Dandruff is a condition skin cells flaking off your scalp. Exact cause of dandruff is not yet agreed but it may be a lack of confidence, hormonal imbalance, sleep, anxiety and self-esteem. There are number of ways to reduce the risk of dandruff some effective treatment and strategies are available.

1) Massage your scalp with aloe Vera leaves and let remain for an hour.
2) Prepare a mixture of lime juice and vinegar. Massage thoroughly into scalp and hair.
3) If you have oily scalp wash your everyday and if you have dry scalp wash your hair 3 days in a week.
4) To reduce dandruff massages your scalp with coconut oil for 30 minutes at least 2 times in a week.
5) Consider your diet eat healthy and balance diet which include green vegetables and fresh fruit which provide a sufficient supply of nutrients.
6) Make a mixture of one cup of sour curd add with a few drops of lime Indian gooseberry juice. Massage scalp and leave it for a couple of hours then wash it and ext day use shampoo.
7) Spend few minutes in the sun light, ultraviolet rays of sun is very effective on scaly skin conditions.
8) Avoid stress ad tension because stress making you susceptible to a number of conditions and diseases.
9)  Use green gram powder to reduce dandruff ad wash twice i a week with mixture of powder and add half a cup of curd.
10) Wash your hair with egg. Apply egg to wet hair and let this remain there for sometime the wash it.
11) There are number of anti-dandruff shampoo which helps to reduce dandruff, skin irritation and flaking. anti-dandruff conditioners are also available.

These remedies are very helpful if these remedies fail to improve your dandruff or red ski or patches are developing then consult with your dermatologist. Doctor will prescribe you better treatment and ideal solution for the problem.

How to Lose Weight Easily

You can't wear your tight t-shirt or your favorite dress. Feel awkward when you stand in front of mirror. Tummy problem can be happen with both men and women. You have been missing your daily routine due to your busy schedule. You have definitely understood that quick weight loss is impossible. The best way to lose weight is slowly. Let's go to the easiest way to reduce your tummy fat.

1) Exercise: Exercises is the first priority, you can use some weight machines, gym equipment's which help to reduce tummy fat. Do jogging or cycling, jumping and dancing.

2) Yoga Exercise: Yoga is very beneficial bot only for your tummy even for all over the diseases or health problem. Pawanmukhtasana is help to reduce tummy fat. Paad-pashchimottanasan helps to reduce abdominal fat and wind from the intestines.

3) Heavy dieting is worst option to reduce your weight even this lead to lack of vitamins in your body. So, never skip your breakfast, Eat several meal instead of large meal, avoid oily, pastries and snack items. Drink lots of water helps in good digestion.

4) Stress and anxiety problem cause over production, so try to avoid tension.

5) Avoid sitting at one place for a long a time do some physical work and keep yourself busy.

6) Avoid eating chocolate, cookies in between of meals. Eat more fiber in your diet like apple, oranges, oats and cherries gives natural way in your digestive system.

7) Get enough sleep and keep your stress away from sleeping area

Loosing fat is an easy task, but it difficult to maintain. To maintain your stomach flat keeps working always with healthy food.