Phobia Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

What is Phobia?

We all know that everyone has a fear and afraid, for most people these fears are minor and some time it become tremendous anxiety for your life. Phobia is one of those problems it is an irrational fear and fear can be from any type like fear of road travel, from specific situation, animals or from medical situations. A phobia is a kind of anxiety disorder, usually it evident between the ages of 15 and 20 years and affected both male and female. The good news for phobia is that it can be cure or managed.

Some specific types of phobias are:

Specific Phobia: Involve fear about specific situations, height, living creatures, places, specific objects or activities.

Complex Phobia: Social phobia and agoraphobia are known as complex phobia. A fear of flying or a person may be afraid from crashing, loosing self control etc.

Agoraphobia: A fear from the market places, open spaces, being alone at home, inescapable place or situation.

Social Phobias: A person feels discomfort, being embarrassed, company of other people like losing self control, fear of blushing etc.

Panic attacks: Panic attacks are very common an develop at any age mainly affect people who normally give the impression of being reliable, confident and dependable.

Causes of Phobia: A phobias can be caused by stressful situation and develop due to genetic factor, something bad happen to a person, had a panic attack, saw something bad or dangerous. Phobia usually starts from a children or teenagers. Some biological factors, special chemicals cause feeling of anxiety. Environmental factor like starting new day in a school, traumatic experience such as a illness or death in the family are the reason of phobia.

Symptoms of Phobia: Symptoms can occur through the situations, some specific symptoms may include:
Fear of losing control
Difficulty in thinking
Feeling confused or disorientated
Fear of dying
Avoid object or situation

Some physical symptoms are:
Panic attack
Chest pain or a feeling of tightness in the chest

Diarrhea and Nausea

These symptoms leading several difficulties in life it’s important to take proper medical care.

Precautions from Phobia:
Recognize your fear
Avoid certain situations
Control your emotions or feelings
Avoidance interferes with your normal life

Treatment: There are several treatments for phobia. Doctor will ask about the symptoms and the treatment depends on the type of phobia then health provider may suggest therapies or medications. But with only the therapy we never completely cure phobia. Medicines may help with the symptoms of phobia or most useful if it is combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy. Doctor will decide everything for your fear which medicine and therapy is best. So, take proper treatment and keep continue your treatment for best results.


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  2. I agree. Ive suffered from sociophobia for several years until I sought the help of hypnotherapy. In my case it has nothing to do with trauma or a life experience. Guess it's related to heredity. Now I'm freed from my fears and has never enjoyed life like this before.
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