Tips to Reduce Dark Circles under your Eyes

What are Dark Circles?

Dark Circles is a very common problem in both men and women often starting in adulthood. Dark circles can make you feel unhealthy and tired; children have also facing this problem. Dark circles often the result of some combination due to lack of sleep, menstrual disorder, poor diet, fatigue, pregnancy, illness or medications. Dark circles can also be occur when people born with thinner skin under the eyes.

There are thousands of reason to develop but luckily there are number of options to say good bye your dark circles. So, go with these all natural solutions:

1) Be sure you are getting plenty of sleep at least seven or nine hour sleep every night. If you are not getting sleep properly then take warm cup of tea, avoid drinking alcohol.

2) Try to protect your eyes from the sun, wearing sunglasses it will not only prevent from dark circle even help to prevent from wrinkles and fine lines.

3) Drink plenty of water which keeps your skin smooth and supple

4) Applying cucumber slice on your eyes keep them five to ten minutes and see improvement. Another way to reduce puffiness applied ice cube for 10 minutes. Instead of cucumber you can use potato with same process.

5) Apply lemon juice, tomato and turmeric paste under your eyes and left for quarter or half an hour, make a paste of these entire things and apply gently  after half an hour remove this paste with cotton pad.

6) You can use cold tea bags on your eyes approximately 10 minutes which help to reduce swelling and moisture.

7) Almond oil is very effective to reduce dark circles. Use it every morning and evening.

8) Eat healthy and balanced diet eat fresh, green vegetables and fruit, make sure you are getting vitamins and minerals. Avoid salty foods.

9) Avoid smoking and alcohol drinking it is major cause of dark circles.

Trying all these methods to tackle the problem it will help to reduce dark circles. If these tips are not helping to reduce your dark circles then you may consult with doctor about the problem.

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