Listeriosis Causes Symptoms and Treatments

What is Listeriosis?

Listeriosis is an illness that arises from serious infection usually caused by when a person eat contaminated food with bacterium listeria. Infection is uncommon but most frequently affect pregnant women, newborn, adult and old people whose immunity is weak. In pregnant women this infection causes miscarriage. It cause wide range of infection include pneumonia, osteomyelitis and meningitis.

Causes of Listeriosis: Listeria bacteria can be found in water, soil, plants, decaying vegetation and animal feces. Contamination can occur at any point in the distribution, farming and food distribution. Some factors are:

Raw vegetables that can contaminated from the soil or from manure used as fertilizer.
Raw milk product made from raw milk
Certain process food- hot dogs, deli meats, soft cheese that have contaminated
Most often this bacteria cause gastrointestinal illness, skin lesion and abscesses. In some causes you can develop inflammation or blood infection.
in early pregnancy infection may cause a miscarriage. Unborn baby may contract a listeria infection via the placenta.

Symptoms of listeriosis: Mostly symptoms develop from 3 to 7o days after infection. Some symptoms are;
·        Fever
·        Nausea
·        Diarrhea
·        Feeling sick
·        Chills
·        Confusion
·        Loss of balance

Symptoms of listeriosis in infants:
·        Irritation
·        Lack of interest in feeding
·        Difficulties in breathing or grunting
·        Rashes in Skin
Mostly Listeriosis harmful during pregnancy and new born baby has also birth and other complications.

Treatment: Pay attention of your sign and symptoms of illness because treatment is depending on symptoms and most serious infection can be treated with antibiotics. Doctor will prescribe you pain killer for your muscles pain and fever. During pregnancy antibiotic treatment may help for affecting baby. Contact your doctor and tell all history of your problem.

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